Too Many Emails? Tackle the Email Abyss!

As a money-saving driven consumer, social media junkie and overall internet junkie, I’m constantly battling with an overflowing email inbox.  I’ve tried numerous solutions to deal with the issue of too many emails and have finally settled on an amazing web-based solution called Mailstrom.

How to deal with too many emails.

Mailstrom is designed specifically for reducing the amount of email in your inbox. It works with IMAP accounts, specifically Google’s Gmail. You cannot compose or reply in Mailstrom.

While you cannot compose or reply, you can click on links within emails and unsubscribe.

UPDATE 5/30/2013: You can now REPLY in Mailstrom!!

Mailstrom offers various options for sorting.  Sort by sender, subject, lists, time, social, shopping and size.

How to deal with too many emails.

Here’s a closer look at the view by time.  Two days, two weeks and then months are displayed, including a view for the remainder of the current month.

How to deal with too many emails.

The social view displays emails from popular social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and more.  This is just a snapshot of what’s in my email inbox.

How to deal with too many emails.

Here’s a closer look at the message list.  Messages are sorted by the senders with the largest number of emails.

How to deal with too many emails.

The message panel displays the sender, subject, date and time.  Select All is checked by default, allowing you to quickly archive, delete or move related emails.  Uncheck a box or two to keep the latest email in your inbox and then archive, delete or move the rest.

How to deal with too many emails.

The move function, now offers an option to create a rule to apply to future messages.  At this time Mailstrom only works with your inbox and not sub-folders.  I stay away from the “move” function, as that’s what got me into this bind in the first place.

How to deal with too many emails.

Within each you view you can filter.  In the example below, I searched under the sender view using the keyword “mom”.  Results for all sender names or email addresses containing the word “mom” are displayed.

By default all senders are selected.  This is indicated by the orange highlight.  All search results display in the email list on the right hand side.  If you want to view emails for just one sender within the results, click on that sender’s name.

How to deal with too many emails.

I can’t begin to imagine a day where I actually have zero emails, but the more I use Mailstrom and unsubscribe to things I don’t really “need”, the closer I get.  In fact, if you take a look at the very first image in this post, you will see that I’ve been deleting emails throughout this overview of Mailstrom.  I started with 1,554 and in just a few minutes I had deleted 40 emails!

Share the love when you use Mailstrom and tweet your progress!

How to deal with too many emails.

Mailstrom is constantly working to improve the product.  You’ll also receive a daily inbox report containing email stats such as top senders, top subjects, email volume detailing messages received and messages deleted and finally sent messages based on Gmail statistics.

How to deal with too many emails.How to deal with too many emails.

When you click on the Go To Mailstrom button in the email, you’re taken to recommendations from Mailstrom, which is a quick way to get a start on cleaning up your email.

At the very bottom, when you select Go To Analysis, you’ll be taken to the main Mailstrom interface.

How to deal with too many emails.

When I started using Mailstrom, I had over 15,000 emails in my inbox.  I had reached the point, where I didn’t even want to open my email.  While I’m still working towards a smaller inbox, things are much more manageable.

My email issue caused problems with finances, friends & family, professional networks I belonged to and more.  Even with a large number of emails, Mailstrom can help make things manageable.

I highly recommend using Mailstrom.  It’s particularly useful for bloggers, like me! Be sure to spread the word. It’s free!

Mailstrom is made by 410 labs.

  • essijay

    oh wow. I’ve signed up and I’m apparently in queue for an account (or something) but having had my email address for 6 years and entering boocoos of sweepstakes and signing up for freebies has generated a plethora of emails. I’ve been trying my darnedest not to pass the 13k mark (just unread messages, I’m well past 14k in the inbox) but it’s just so difficult to stay on top of it. I’ve missed out on amazing deals, giveaway wins, and important messages from friends simply because I just don’t want to open it up. Hopefully this will help me get a handle on it all. Thank you SO much for sharing this info! You’re totally my hero this week!

    • Melissa


      I really hope you get an account soon! Mailstrom is a lifesaver. I’m VERY much like you. I’ve completely lost control of my email and have missed deals and wins. My family pretty much doesn’t even bother to send me emails anymore. If the email you used to sign up is the same you used to make this comment, let me know. I might be able to get you in early!

  • Savannah miller

    I have never heard of this company before today! I”m def. going to check them out I need all the help I can get in this department

    • melissasaywhat

      Savannah – You will be pleased! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Giveaways 4 Mom

    This would make things so much easier. I wake up to over 100 emails Monday-Friday. I am going to bookmark this to check out later.

    • melissasaywhat

      Victoria – Mailstrom has been so helpful to me! If you decide to use it and you have feedback, the creators are super helpful and attentive. They’re always looking for feedback and will reply promptly.

  • aprila

    this is so neat I will have to check it out my inbox is always full and I cannot keep up on my emais no matter how many hours in a day I put into trying

    • melissasaywhat

      April – You will LOVE it!! I can’t even remember how I found it, but it’s been a blessing!!