TEEN Meets Go-Kart

Yay! I finally figured out how to get the teen out of the house.


Over the years, we’ve visited venues that offer gaming arcades and we’ve even played miniature golf at places like Mountasia.  When I was offered the opportunity to visit Mountasia in Marietta, Georgia again to enjoy their miniature golf, go-karts and games, I jumped! Getting my 13 year old video-gamer out  of the house would be a miracle!

We received an unlimited family day pass for Go-Karts & Putt-Putt for FREE in exchange for our honest review thanks to the USFamilyGuide.com.

It wasn’t until we were on our way that I realized my little one had NEVER driven a Go-Kart on his own as he did not meet the height requirement in the past.  Needless to say, the Go-Karts were our first stop.  Nicholas (aka I am TEEN, hear me ROAR), was excited and seemed a bit anxious to experience his VERY FIRST Go-Kart “DRIVE”.  He rode the car in between me and my boyfriend.  My boyfriend stayed ahead of him and even stopped for us to catch up at one point.  I stayed behind, the first go round.

The second time around, we all chose Go-Karts in non-adjacent positions.  My son chose the last car and pretty much stayed in last position the entire time, but he exclaimed that it was okay.  He felt safe this way and I’m glad.  This is a minor indication that he might be the crazed backseat driver I taught him to be.

On another note, during the first go round, I wondered who had stolen my child who loves playing car racing video games and somewhat felt like I was stuck in evening traffic!!




We also thoroughly enjoyed two rounds of mini-golf on two different courses.

This is the part where we play “No, YOU keep score”….


One of the holes was in a cave like structure.  Nicholas pretended to climb the wall.

That’s a REAL SMILE from a TEEN.



A Hole in One!


I LOVE shooting the hoops!


Racking up the tickets!!


We had a great time at Mountasia Marietta!

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Overall, we had a great time and we’ll definitely head out to Mountasia Marietta again soon.  Even though were about 30 miles away, it’s on the side of town where we are all familiar with.  The visit to Mountasia Marietta also gave us the opportunity to visit a restaurant that we had been wanting to visit for months, Big Pie in the Sky (featured on Man VS. Food).  So, even though we have similar venues nearby, it was a treat!