My Diabolical Plan to Get the Teen Out of the House

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Thanks to Stacie for opening my eyes! I have struggled more and more with engaging my teenage son in activities that don’t involve the computer, especially during the summer.


Suggestions of bowling, tubing down the Chattahoochee River, paintball, roller skating, frisbee, day trips and more have been shot down by my teen.  When he says he doesn’t want to do the aforementioned, he makes it sound like I’m illegally forcing him to do something that no child should engage in.


My teenage son loves all things technology.  He got it from his Momma, so there is only so much grief I can give him for that.  I do believe that his activities on the computer will get him to where he needs to be, specifically with his goals to become a video game designer one day.




What If The World Is Made Of Cotton Candy, Rai...

What If The World Is Made Of Cotton Candy, Rainbows And Unicorns? (Photo credit: doublexuan)


(My mother taught me never to begin a sentence with BUT…or maybe that was my English teacher)…the kid needs AIR!! I was never the sporty type myself, but I love the outdoors. I’m having a hard time digesting that my son doesn’t want to camp or tube or golf or go to the batting cages.


I’ve pondered ways to get him out of the house to do these things, including bribery and trickery.  Unfortunately, I’m not very creative.  I see in black and white, versus in shades of grey when it comes to these things.  Even my levels of bribery and trickery are sub par.


What If?

summer heat


What if the A/C went out on the weekend when maintenance people in my apartment complex weren’t available to fix it unless there was a life-threatening emergency? It’s easier to cool down that it is to warm up (in my opinion).  I’ve nagged my teen and S.O. to death about A/C bills to the point they are afraid to TOUCH the thermostat.  No one has to know it isn’t really out.  Oops. The AC unit will crap out on Sunday when my son gets home, heck maybe even Saturday. Maybe I can turn the heat on…


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  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    You are evil…. I love it…lol.
    It might work. Might be a good way to get the whole family unit out doors.

  • Katie H

    Getting outside is so good for you– mind, body, and soul! Maybe your son will find a passion that will take him outdoors! Or just take a laptop outside and soak up the sun? :)

  • Cheryl Saves

    I think if I took pics of my kid there would be no outside pics unless he had his smart phone smashed to his face so he wouldn’t miss anything.

    • Melissa

      Cheryl, I would likely find the same thing!