Tattoo Cover-Up in the Workplace

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My boyfriend of over 4 years has been seeking part-time work to bring in additional income to our household.  We could not figure out why he couldn’t get a part-time job at a retail or restaurant location.  We thought that it might be because of the current unemployment situation in the U.S.

After about 8 weeks of searching, we finally realized that it might be because of his tattooed arms (sleeves), after a potential employer mentioned it.

It’s funny because once get you get a tattoo, even if it’s in a place that cannot be seen, you don’t think too much of it.  Contrary to my boyfriend, my tattoos are either hidden or far less conspicuous.  At times, I forget I even have tattoos (three).  Still, I would have no qualms being served a sandwich by someone who has tats. Apparently, some people still have issues with that to the point where employers will selectively screen employees.

Did you know that there are no laws that prevent discrimination against tattoos?

tattoos in the workplace is your source for tattoo cover-up products for the workplace, special events and for other situations where temporary tattoo cover-up is needed. Tattoo care and maintenance products are also offered as well as grooming and shaving products.

We discovered when Jubal (my boyfriend), was finally given a chance at a part-time job in the food service industry.  The employer asked that he cover his tattoo “sleeves” with fabric sleeves.  We had never heard of such before, but found after doing a web search.  Apparently, there are many professionals in various industries that use products to cover up their tattoo sleeves, as well as other areas of their body with various tattoo cover up products.

Discrimination by employers of those who are tattooed, regardless of how few or how many tattoos are present is still a predominant topic and again, there are now laws that prevent this discrimination.  TatJacket has all of the resources you need to keep you prepared.

TatJacket’s Cover-Up Sleeves

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Jubal reviewed TatJacket’s tattoo cover-up sleeves, during his time at a fast-food joint.  They are definitely more favorable to a long sleeved under shirt.  They offer a less bulky option and are far more cool in a heated environment.  We definitely recommend actually measuring your arms with a tape measure to find the appropriate tattoo cover-up, as the size he ordered turned out to be a tad too large for his arms.  The cover-up sleeves come in several colors for various skin tones or wardrobe pairings.  We received a natural color, but would have much preferred black.

TatJacket’s Temporary Tattoo Covers

Tattoos in the Workplace

TatJacket also offers temporary tattoo covers that reach hard to cover areas, offer a quick application with no drying time, conforms easily to various shapes of tattoos and areas of the body to which they are applied, as well as easy removal.  They come in a variety of colors for all skin types.  It’s great for larger areas in my opinion.

TatJacket’s Tattoo Concealer

Tattoo Cover Up Products for the Workplace by TatJacket - Melissa Say What © 2013

We received TatJacket’s Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack in Light, Light Tan and Light Bronze.  Once it’s applied correctly, it does a great job of functioning like a heavy duty cover-up product that does not rub-off, is water resistant and does not crack or flake.

It does wash off with soap and water, so if you’ve got a tattoo on your hands or wrists or you work in a sterile environment, food service or require frequent hand-washing (or you just use the restroom a lot), the concealer may not be the best option for you.  It does however, also offer dark spots, rosacea, blemishes, veins, acne and more.  Exfoliating your skin prior to use may allow for a more smooth application.

If you’re less experienced with cover-up products, you might just search YouTube for a “how to apply concealer” video, which will school you in the art of blending.

Overall Opinion of TatJacket’s Tattoo Cover-Up Products

Overall, we are very pleased with TatJacket‘s products.  TatJacket offers a wide array of tattoo cover-up, tattoo care, skin maintenance, temporary tattoos and more.  The prices are very reasonable in my opinion.

Discuss Tattoo Cover-Up

  • Do you work in an industry where tattoos are frowned upon?
  • Do you cover up your tattoos for work or other special occasions?
  • Are you a food service or retail customer who frowns upon employees with tattoos?
  • Katharine.D

    I think it’s ridiculous how some workplaces discriminate against those with tattoos. I myself have a few visible tattoos on my arms and I feel fortunate that I have worked at a few professional places that did not assume that tattoos and piercings correlated with poor work quality. I did work at a bakery a few years ago, where they told me I had to cover up my tattoos with long sleeves even in the blistering heat, even though many customers themselves would comment on the cute tattoos. It was the owner’s decision/”rule”. Needless to say, I didn’t stay there long.

  • Twinsmake5

    Wow! I never realized there were actual products out there to cover up tattoos. I have 5 tattoos myself. I am currently a stay at home mom, but I also got tattoos where I could cover them up. I guess this would be good for someone who had tattoos on their arms or other visible parts of their body. Some jobs do really discriminate against tattoos. It’s nice to know there is a way to hide them.

    • Melissa

      I had no idea there were tattoo cover-up products either. I had no reason to know about them until this event. I have no qualms with purchasing or consuming products from employees with tattoos.