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Instafork Smart Instant Read Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe Review

There was a time in my life when I thought I could live on only vegetables. I’d say that was about 10 years ago, maybe 6. Since that time, I spent a lot of time with a meat lover, but also a vegetable eater. It was the best of both worlds when it comes to {Read More…}

Benefits of a Halogen Oven


January is a popular time of year when people start thinking about getting healthy or losing weight with New Year’s resolutions. Most people immediately turn to diet and exercise resolutions only to fail after a month or two because they’re depriving themselves of the foods they love. I’m a firm believer in baby steps. Just {Read More…}

Kale, Not Just For Salads Anymore!

Crazy for Kale eBook featuring Gluten-Free and Dairy Free Recipes

My Experience with Kale I don’t recall the first time I heard of the ingredient, Kale.  One might say I’m behind the times, but I suspect it was likely within the past 5 years, if that long.  I’m 34 years of age and my cooking skills are in need of sharpening.  I love trying new {Read More…}

Easily Digestible Gluten Free Foods


At the ripe age of 33, my body seems to be falling apart.  I’ve been to a series of doctors from my family doctor to a Neurologist, with an upcoming appointment to see a Rheumatologist.  Last night, I hit the urgent care facility due to pains in the right side of my abdomen and back pain. {Read More…}

Meatless Monday: Everything but the Kitchen Sink Slow Cooker Style (Gluten Free)


My Meatless Monday posts have fallen by the wayside, but I haven’t stopped participating! This week, I prepared a bean based meal using my slow cooker.  It’s super easy, super-customizable and extremely inexpensive! You can also freeze it for later! On a side note, you might want to have some Beano handy. I wouldn’t really {Read More…}

Cooking Measurements…for Dummies

Cooking Measurements for Dummies

Do you really have to ask me how much a 1/4 cup is if you have a cup measuring tool? Sorry, those are words, but I’m speechless.

the Man Cave Hot Dog Cookbook Kindle eBook

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