How to Personalize Your Birthday Party


Birthdays need not be monotonous, like spending that special day in your grandma’s house, playing charades, having barbecues, and eating your mom’s homemade cake. By doing this every year, the excitement of birthdays will slowly fade away. So how can you make birthdays more fun without breaking the family tradition? Personalizing your birthday party will {Read More…}

Happy 14th Birthday to I Am Teen, Hear Me Roar!


I Am Teen, Hear Me Roar!!! just turned 14!! Happy Birthday, son! While I’ve been grateful to have not experienced the challenge of having a teenager for a whole year and we’re both STILL ALIVE, I’m all ears and all eyes, awaiting the first signs of a coup. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard my {Read More…}

Fun & Playful Summer Cake Recipes


When I think cake recipes, I think Betty Crocker.  Growing up, we did NOT buy store bought cakes for birthdays.  We always made them.  I definitely don’t come from a line of bakers.  The cakes were always concocted from cake mixes.  I remember the hand blender quite vividly.  I always wanted to be the one {Read More…}

Happy Birthday Geminis!


From May 21st through June 21st, the sun-sign of Geminis are celebrating their birthdays! I’ve got three in my immediate family.  To learn about Geminis click here. Happy Birthday James, Mom and I AM TEEN, Hear Me Roar! Twist and tear and boogie woogie

A Waterpark In Your Own Backyard

Blast Zone

I’m not a roller-coaster kinda gal.  They scare me to death.  I don’t like being suspended upside down and I don’t like my extremities “hanging out”…AHEM, Batman. What I do love is waterparks.  Without hesitation, I will hop on the world’s tallest water ride and I’m dying to visit Schlitterbahn, an indoor waterpark for year-long {Read More…}

Seven Snippets: August 3, 2012

— 1 — First and foremost, after all the lemons and abundance of lemonade, the best news I’ve got to share all week is that my boyfriend finally got a new job! More money and full-time! We will be saving and cutting spending diligently so we can buy a house in April 2013. — 2 {Read More…}

Happy Birthday to Momma Say What


Today is my mother's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Mom!  Momma Say What, my mother, will be joining us to share her first product review and will be a regular contributor to the site! Guess where I learned how to make sure my opinion gets heard?

How Common Is Your Birthday?


Circle of Moms posted a cool infographic today by Matt Stiles, Data Journalist at NPR, among other things.  VizWiz recreated the data in Tableau. My son's birthday ranks 153/366 (June 1st), mine 73/366 (August 30th). Data represents babies born in the United States between 1973 and 1999.   Powered by Tableau   How Common Is {Read More…}

13 Days to 13


Today official marks the 13 day countdown until my son's 13th birthday! I'm going to have a teenager in 13 days!    Birthday Countdown