{Review} NetZero 4G Hotspot

I received a free NetZero 4G Hotspot and service to facilitate my review.  Regardless, all opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

NetZero 4G HotSpot 1

When asked “how often do you use the computer?”, I regularly answer with “When I’m awake”.  I’m on the computer for work at least 40 hours per week and when I get home I am either blogging or entertaining myself on the web with Facebook games, chatting with my friends and family or reading the latest news, even if I’m engaged in other activities, my computer is ALWAYS connected.

Having a stable internet connection no matter where I am is important to me.  When I’m at work, I’m hard-wired to the network.  When I’m at home, I use my 4G Clear Wireless Internet.  When I’m on the go, I use my 3G data from AT&T Wireless for the iPhone 4G data from T-Mobile for the Samsung Galaxy S Relay.  I’m always connected, for the most part.  A hotspot is a must for me.

As a blogger who works full-time outside of the home, I have stumbled upon instances where I need to be able to access the internet and certain sites, when I normally would not be able to.  Such instances include blogging during work hours, while I’m on my lunch break.  My employer restricts Facebook access rightfully so.  The NetZero 4G Hotspot allows me to connect to social networking on my lunch break using my own internet connection, which fits right in my purse.

As you can see in the photo below, it’s about the size of my hand and less than an inch thick.

NetZero 4G HotSpot 4

The hotspot display shows signal strength (top left), battery life (top middle), time (top right), and connection status (middle).  At the bottom, you can see bandwidth as well as your connection time.

NetZero 4G HotSpot 2

You can check your data usage online at NetZero.net.  NetZero offers various plans from free which allows up to 200MB data to Platinum which allows 4GB data.


Currently, NetZero is offering 50% off hotspot devices and the first month free 2x the data, now through January 3, 2013.  The NetZero 4G HotSpot that I received for review supports up to 8 devices.  It normally retails for $99.95 and is just $49.98 during this promo period.  NetZero offers plans with no commitment on a month-to-month basis and you can change your plan at any time.

Not applicable to free or $9.95 data plans. Discounts apply to standard retail pricing and are not applicable to shipping and handling fees or applicable taxes. Offer is available to new NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband members for the first-time purchase of a device only. This is a limited time offer. It may be changed or withdrawn without notice and may not be combinable with any other offers, discounts, rebates or promotions.

My family’s internet usage is far to great to rely on NetZero’s Platinum plan at $49.95 for 4GB 8GB per month (This is a limited time offer.  Updated 6/4/2013), but I think it would be a GREAT plan for a business traveler or even the casual internet user.  I find the service to be VERY reliable and speedy, especially considering I’m a computer junkie.  I love the fact that I can connect on my lunch break to entertain myself or tend to my blogging duties.


Overall, I believe NetZero offers the speed I’m looking for, I just wish the allotment of data were greater See above.  Get double the data for a limited time only.  I do believe the various levels of service cater to certain needs such as the casual internet user who utilizes email often, checking the news, checking in with social networking and even watching the occasional TV show on the web.

I absolutely LOVE the portability of the device, the display and the fact that it can support multiple users.

Be sure to check it out!

Updated 6/4/2013

  • http://www.huelinks.com/ Huelinks

    Really good blog and it’s also very informative.

  • john rosa

    NetZero 4 G broadband good idea but too expensive $49.95 for 4 G of data when you Stream videos music old video games it lasts 2 days no good too expensive when they have a unlimited I give a dog a for effort but a DD for service when I come the with a 4995 unlimited plan I will join and quickly because I love the idea but X two expensive that’s my thought on NetZero.com sorry specify close my com thank you

  • goofyfoot

    Unless and until someone comes out with an affordable truly unlimited wireless data plan, cable will rule. 4gb is nothing.

    • melissasaywhat

      goofyfoot – I’m with ya on truly unlimited. If it were $50 per month for unlimited, I’d be totally down, but even on mobile data plans you only get 3-5GB for that price. For me, the NetZero Hotspot is useful because I can use it at my work outside of the home job to do my work at home stuff or even just play around!!