Finding Deals on Skate Shoes for Your Teen

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My DC Shoes

My DC Shoes (Photo credit: 55Laney69)

My son doesn’t skate, but likes the gear.  I generally only have to get him one pair of shoes per year.

That’s one advantage of having a son versus a daughter.  As an adult, I currently have over 50 pairs of shoes.  That’s just an estimate and it’s likely in the low range.  On the other hand, some of the shoes that I have, I’ve had since I was in my late teens.  I’m now 33.  Many of the shoes I’ve got cost under $20 per pair.

Let’s say I have accumulated exactly 5o pairs of shoes.  Over 16 years, that’s an average of $62.50 per year.  That’s about how much my son’s shoes cost per pair.  I try to find deals, so I’m usually able to shave off about $10-$20 and / or get cash back through

English: A Fallen Chris Cole Model Skate Shoes.

English: A Fallen Chris Cole Model Skate Shoes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finding deals on skate shoes, not only for my son, but my significant other, is frustrating.  I take that back.  My son is pretty easy.  He’ll wear DC Shoes or Converse, which are usually readily available, of high quality and long-lasting.  My significant other, on the other hand, actually skates and will NOT wear DC Shoes or Converse.  He’s very picky.

Well let’s say, you’ve got a picky teen who does skate.  Below is a list of tools and online shopping destinations for finding deals on skate shoes online.

Research, Research, Research!

For some reason whenever I buy new converse, I...

For some reason whenever I buy new converse, I have to take photos. They are shoes of such beauty, I can’t wear them until they are totally documented!!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you know what brand and style skate shoe you want, you’re already one step ahead.  For my son, I use the following sites first to find deals because I KNOW what brands he will consider.  For my S.O.  I find sites with deals, then he picks out a shoe and I use the following sites to make sure I’ve found the best deal.  I always check ALL of them before making a purchase.

Shop, Shop, Shop!

skate shoes 1

skate shoes 1 (Photo credit: hamilton.lima)

The best places to find online deals for skate shoes for your teen are as follows.  Some you may have heard of and frequent and others might be new to you!

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