No More Manic Monday Results: Emails and Budgets

Manic Monday

Last week, I shared two goals in an effort to reduce stress; emails and budgets.

Here I sit, typing this blog post and I’m overwhelmed. My mind is racing and I feel as though I have too much on my plate and don’t know where to start.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that I still have too many emails. Last week, I had 16,588 emails. This week, I have 16,364 and it’s Sunday. I’m making very little progress. So little, in fact, that I wasn’t able to tackle the budget part, which should be of far more importance.

reduce email

I’m considering creating yet another email address, just so I can temporarily reroute all of the important stuff and ignore the unimportant or not as important stuff.

From there, I will check in for just twenty ten minutes per day to unsubscribe or bring some kind of organization to my email identify the important emails and reroute them to my “new” email address. Of course, I will continue to use Mailstrom. This is definitely going to take longer than a week.

In today’s world, we’re so engulfed in various forms of communication that it becomes extremely difficult to manage.  From email to voice mail to text messaging to social networks, there’s just too much distraction!

As for the budget goals I have, switching things over to a new email will definitely help make time to do that.


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