A *new to me* Washer & Dryer!!

When I moved last fall, I sold my Washer & Dryer, thinking I wouldn't need it for awhile. I didn't plan to move again for at least a year. Low and behold, I moved in early March. I reacquainted myself with the laundromat. The first trip was semi-fascinating. Knocking out all of my laundry at once was awesome, except I had to watch it. The wash cycle was pretty nifty, but the drying cycle was arduous. 

Just a month and a half after moving yet again, I've been blessed. If you are not already aware, moving from an apartment to a house has it's expenses. Not only did I need to replace my washer & dryer, which I owned then sold, but I also need a lawn mower, tons of yard stuff, a microwave (DONE), a new mattress set, furnishings for the 3rd bedroom and more. The washer & dryer were on the back burner and then…A set fell upon us for FREE!!

I'm SO relieved! That's one less large purchase I have to think about making.

The dryer is older, but it does the job. Should I need to upgrade to a more energy efficient version, at least it will only be the dryer.

I'm so stoked! 

How did we get it for free? Well, my boyfriend did some major yardwork for his former neighbor. He is still finishing up the job. At the same time, his mom & sister live right across the street. They're about to move, so my boyfriend brought them moving boxes. Instead of hitting the laundromat this week, we figured we could kill two birds with one stone and do the laundry at my boyfriend's mom's house while he finished up the yard work. The neighbor saw him lugging around laundry and pretty much offered the washer & dryer to him! 

How's that for paying it forward!