I Blog Because I Like Making 20 Cents Per Week

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I Blog Because I Like Making 20 Cents Per Week

I just finished rolling on the floor, laughing my toosh off (ROTFLMTO — not quite the same, but this is a family-friendly blog and I’m practicing my teen speak) at Dana’s post, “I Blog Because I’m A Loser” over at Kiss My List.  In response, I decided to ask my own family why they think I blog.  This is what I got…

Me: Hunny, why do I blog?

Him: I don’t know, hunny.  Why DO you blog?

Me: I’m asking you, why do I blog?

Him: Because you like it.

Me: Hunny….

Him: Hunny, I told you already.

Me: Why do I LIKE it?

Him: It brings you enjoyment

Ugh.  After a while, I had to explain that Dana had asked her family members why they believed she blogged and that I was looking for his thoughts.  Then he starts, spewing off random answers.

Him: …because you enjoys other people’s benefit from the sites you receive (Clearly, stumbling on his words, randomly piecing things together that just don’t work…WTF – maybe he means i like sharing my opinion on the products I review and hope that people will benefit from my reviews)

Him: …because you like making 20 cents every week

Him: …because you enjoy fiery wrists (I have bad carpal tunnel in both wrists and a ganglion cyst, but I’m still going)


Then, I asked my son aka I Am Teen, Hear Me Roar.  I quickly realized this would go nowhere.

Me: Nicholas, why do I blog? (He responded rather quickly, as he apparently overheard the conversation from his bedroom.  Where else would he be?)

TEEN: cuz

TEEN: I don’t know (he actually said the complete words versus IDK.  There’s hope!)

TEEN: cuz


So, if you ask me why I blog…

I began blogging during the craze of deals, coupons and money saving.  I had a lot to say, but so did everyone else.  Then I started sharing my opinions on products I’ve tried, which I already did in real life.  Blogging allowed me to reach a much larger audience.  Quite frankly my friends and colleagues felt relieved that I had another outlet, until I started pimping my blog at work.

Do I blog for money? Sometimes I receive opportunities such as free product or payment to write a post for a sponsor.  I choose these opportunities wisely and write about things that I can identify with as well as you, my readers.  I’m always honest.

I am also an affiliate of many companies.  Occasionally you will stumble across a banner advertisement, advertising on my sidebar, in the form of links, etc.  I carefully select these as well.  All in all, I’m not ballin’ by any means.  The income I receive from my blog barely covers the cost of hosting my own website.

I hope to focus my blog more on parenting a newly turned teenager over the next few years.  I Am Teen, Hear Me Roar!!! will be 14 in a matter of days.  Of course, with unique content such as his responses above, I’m unsure of how successful that will be.

At the end of the day, I’ve just got a lot to say, hence the reason my site is Melissa Say What? And THAT, is why I blog!

Why Do You Blog?

Share your answer below or create your own “I Blog Because…” post.

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Melissa enjoys saving money, making extra money from home, sharing her opinion on products and entering sweepstakes and giveaways! She is the mother to a newly turned teenager. Recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease she shares her journey to go gluten-free and eventually observe the Paleo Diet.

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