I Blog Because I Like Making 20 Cents Per Week

I Blog Because I Like Making 20 Cents Per Week

I just finished rolling on the floor, laughing my toosh off (ROTFLMTO — not quite the same, but this is a family-friendly blog and I’m practicing my teen speak) at Dana’s post, “I Blog Because I’m A Loser” over at Kiss My List.  In response, I decided to ask my own family why they think I blog.  This is what I got…

Me: Hunny, why do I blog?

Him: I don’t know, hunny.  Why DO you blog?

Me: I’m asking you, why do I blog?

Him: Because you like it.

Me: Hunny….

Him: Hunny, I told you already.

Me: Why do I LIKE it?

Him: It brings you enjoyment

Ugh.  After a while, I had to explain that Dana had asked her family members why they believed she blogged and that I was looking for his thoughts.  Then he starts, spewing off random answers.

Him: …because you enjoys other people’s benefit from the sites you receive (Clearly, stumbling on his words, randomly piecing things together that just don’t work…WTF – maybe he means i like sharing my opinion on the products I review and hope that people will benefit from my reviews)

Him: …because you like making 20 cents every week

Him: …because you enjoy fiery wrists (I have bad carpal tunnel in both wrists and a ganglion cyst, but I’m still going)


Then, I asked my son aka I Am Teen, Hear Me Roar.  I quickly realized this would go nowhere.

Me: Nicholas, why do I blog? (He responded rather quickly, as he apparently overheard the conversation from his bedroom.  Where else would he be?)

TEEN: cuz

TEEN: I don’t know (he actually said the complete words versus IDK.  There’s hope!)

TEEN: cuz


So, if you ask me why I blog…

I began blogging during the craze of deals, coupons and money saving.  I had a lot to say, but so did everyone else.  Then I started sharing my opinions on products I’ve tried, which I already did in real life.  Blogging allowed me to reach a much larger audience.  Quite frankly my friends and colleagues felt relieved that I had another outlet, until I started pimping my blog at work.

Do I blog for money? Sometimes I receive opportunities such as free product or payment to write a post for a sponsor.  I choose these opportunities wisely and write about things that I can identify with as well as you, my readers.  I’m always honest.

I am also an affiliate of many companies.  Occasionally you will stumble across a banner advertisement, advertising on my sidebar, in the form of links, etc.  I carefully select these as well.  All in all, I’m not ballin’ by any means.  The income I receive from my blog barely covers the cost of hosting my own website.

I hope to focus my blog more on parenting a newly turned teenager over the next few years.  I Am Teen, Hear Me Roar!!! will be 14 in a matter of days.  Of course, with unique content such as his responses above, I’m unsure of how successful that will be.

At the end of the day, I’ve just got a lot to say, hence the reason my site is Melissa Say What? And THAT, is why I blog!

Why Do You Blog?

Share your answer below or create your own “I Blog Because…” post.

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  • Lily Kwan

    I don’t blog yet but if I did it would be to express myself and hone my writing skills.

  • JanD

    I blog when I’m excited about something.

  • Wendy Lindsey

    I’ve been blogging since 2005. It all started with a cake blog, where people could take a peek at my work. Now I blog for personal and financial reasons.

    • http://melissasaywhat.com Melissa

      Wendy – Do you blog on another site?

  • Pam B.

    I don’t blog although I have thought about it. I read your blog because I like your style of writing and you and I think the same way on things sometimes.

  • Danielle Papsis

    You have a lot to say and want to be heard. I have a lot to say and need to be heard too just not so sure how some things would be accepted or where they fit in in the grand scheme of things.

  • md Kennedy

    I don’t blog – yet. But when I do it will be to keep my mind busy as I was lucky to be able to retire in my early 40s. Money is not an issue, so if I can cover my costs – great. If I can make a bit to pay for my TNR costs, even better.

  • essijay

    I blog because I have a lot of schtuff to say (yeah, that family friendly thing is tricky…)
    I don’t actually blog… but if I did, it’d be because I have lots to say and I wanna change the world with my fingers!

  • Mitzi Fisher

    I’m glad you blog. I enjoy reading and getting great information!

    • http://melissasaywhat.com Melissa

      Thanks, Mitzi! I’m glad you’re here and enjoy the content!!

  • Kristina L

    I would love for you to blog about Parenting teens.. My son too is a teen
    and would love to interact on a blog like that..

    • http://melissasaywhat.com melissasaywhat

      Kristina – I’m trying to make it a focus! I expect for more experiences to begin rolling in very soon!

  • Wendi

    I use to blog because of deals, it got overwhelming and took too much time from my kids so I quit blogging now I just visit others and enjoy them

    • http://melissasaywhat.com melissasaywhat

      Wendi, I agree it can be overwhelming at times!! I’m glad you’re still visiting the blogs! Visiting alone can take up a lot of time because we bloggers keep the internet ever so busy!

  • Carolyn Colley

    I blog because I like to win things

  • Morgan

    I love your son’s answer. That is too funny.. Just cuz… I don’t know.. cuz lol

  • ginette4

    I’m glad you blog, it’s funny how our family has no clue as to why we do the thing that we do,, making 20cents per week I find also funny, thanks for the insight

  • http://mywildcrazylife.blogspot.com Allyson Bossie

    Quite honestly, I blog because it helps me keep my business brain working while I am a SAHM. Also, I believe it will be something to add to my resume when I go back to work to show that I may have been a SAHM, but this is my creative/business side that I did at the same time!

  • samantha w

    Cute post, I like the because you like making 20 cents a week. Funny :)

  • amanda martinez

    so funny

  • aprila

    hilarious post. That is funny I should ask my family while I blog maybe I will get some funny answers

  • http://www.giveaways4mom.com Giveaways 4 Mom

    This is a great post. I don’t even want to ask my family why I blog because I am sure their answers are going to be a little bit to interesting for me.

    • http://melissasaywhat.com melissasaywhat

      You’ll be surprised at their answers, for sure!

    • bella

      20c a week? way to funny

  • http://www.pinterestfanatic.com Belinda Harrington

    This post is too cute and inspiring… makes me want to ask my family the magic question… why do I blog?

    • melissasaywhat

      Ask away, Belinda! You’ll be surprised with the answers you receive.