Frozen Bananas WITH Chocolate?

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When I was younger, my Dad was anti-sugar.  He instilled nutrition values in me that I have kept up with my son.  That’s not to say there was/is zero sugar allowed, but he preferred more natural alternatives versus commercial snacks laden with sugar.  For cereal, instead of buying frosted versions, he preferred that I add my own sugar.  He noted that I could add as much sugar as I wanted and still not reach the astonishing levels frosted cereals contained.


Instead of popsicles, we were often served “semi-homemade” frozen bananas.  The bananas would be peeled and wrapped in plastic wrap (my least favorite packaging method, but it worked for this purpose) and then frozen.  I still love them to this day, but I guess I had forgotten about them.  We generally used it as a method to save the dying banana, but with Diana’s Bananas, you get only the most premium bananas.


frozen bananas

frozen bananas (Photo credit: wanderingone)


I can’t imagine preparing them at home, covered in chocolate.  I surely don’t have the patience or equipment needed to prepare them this way.


One fine day, I stumbled upon a fellow blogger’s site who had been given the opportunity to review Diana’s Bananas.  I contacted the company and they gladly sent me product to review.  While I was expecting a coupon or two for complimentary product in exchange for review, instead I received FRESH, frozen chocolate covered bananas.  I did not just receive a box or two.  I received 6 boxes!  Since they had communicated that they would be sending frozen product, I had it sent to my work.  It wasn’t until I received the product that I learned how many boxes I would would receive.


Needless to say, I shared them with my coworkers in the office.  I received 3 boxes of milk chocolate and 3 boxes of dark chocolate covered bananas.  Only two boxes were needed to satiate my coworkers appetites.


The consensus was that they’re amazing! Having grown up with semi-homemade frozen bananas, I was in love with the fact that they were dipped in chocolate.  This is not something you can do easily at home, in my opinion.  I’m not even a huge fan of chocolate, which is atypical for a female according to popular belief, but still…I was very impressed.




We’re all following diets at work, in an attempt to find better health and/or weight loss.  I was shocked that even those who were observing Paleo diets, tried them.  Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas don’t exactly meet the Paleo diet criteria, BUT it doesn’t hurt to have a treat every now and then.


If you think about your average nutritional label for a candy bar, you’re way better off choosing a chocolate covered frozen banana!


Diana's Bananas - Frozen Bananas Covered in Chocolate



Snickers versus


Bananas Banana Babies  Milk Chocolate & Peanuts



Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies


Milk Chocolate & Peanuts




Bananas Banana Babies  Milk Chocolate & Peanuts


 The milk chocolate and dark chocolate


nutritional information is below (without nuts).




Milk Chocolate


Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies Milk Chocolate


Frozen Bananas Covered in Chocolate


Dark Chocolate


Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies Dark Chocolate


Frozen Bananas Covered in Chocolate


If you’re following the Weight Watcher’s Points Plus program, the Diana’s Bananas Babies Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate frozen bananas are 4 points, versus a Snickers bar at approximately 7 points.


If you’re looking for a treat with less calories, sugars and sodium than your average candy bar, Diana’s Banana’s are an alternative.  They’re especially refreshing in the summer, but are good year round!


I will definitely buy these for my family!! After a few weeks, I still had a few left, so I brough them into work.  My co workers devoured them!




They’re definitely a hit and not a one-hit wonder!


To find Diana’s Bananas in your local stores, click here.






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