Find Thrift Stores Near You

The industry I work in does not require me to adhere to a business casual or business attire dress code. There are some requirements, of course, but I mostly wear jeans, a fitted tee and tennis shoes or sandals most of the time. Next week, I will be attending an industry conference on Thursday and Friday. My wardrobe no longer supports that kind of function (or at least the portion I can fit in).

With that and my recent move, I needed an affordable solution. Since I am not as familiar with this area as I am the area I moved from (only 7 miles up the road), I wanted to see if anything was close by. I did a Google Search using the words “find thrift stores near me”. I stumbled upon The Thrift Shopper!

The Thrift Shopper is a national (US) thrift store directory of charity driven thrift stores.

I quickly located the nearest Goodwill and was off!

My purchases today totaled just $34.08 and I got two pairs of slacks (1 Banana Republic – like new, 1 Express Editor Pants – like new, and 5 shirts – 4 business attire, 1 casual).

My spendings today equal just 1/2 of what one of the pairs of slacks cost brand new. I got a few extra shirts/blouses/tops because there are occasions where customers will visit our facility and we pretty up!